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What is Geostatistical Tool?

Geostatistical Tool is a free and open source plugin developed in C#  using the DotSpatial Framework. This plugin allows interpolating data using the geostatistical and deterministical interpolation methods. 

This project is part of the Method of Anchored Distribution for Inverse Modeling  (MAD) development application which is a open-source computational platform for Bayesian inverse modelling and conditional simulations in hydrology. 


Selection of layer - output - transformation-trend


Removing trend


Semivariogram and Semivariance map

Searching anisotropy


Searching method selection

Cross Validation

Geostatistical Method

  • Ordinary Kriging
  • Universal Kriging 
  • Simple Kriging 
  • CoKriging (soon)


Deterministic Methods.

  • IDW
  • Global Polynomial Interpolation (GPI)
  • Local Polynomial Interpolation 
  • Radial basis functions (..soon) 

Evaluation software (Comparison with Geostatistical Analyst)




Try It Now...

You can go to  documentation page  for getting more information about how use the application..


Get Involved!

We are looking for more partners to help with coding and testing. If you have some ideas how improve this application  or you want to report an issue, please use the codePlex platform (discussions and issue tracker menu)

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